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蘇茜‧史蜜夫女士 Ms. Suzi Smith - 客席導師

Suzi Smith is an internationally renowned trainer and developer in the field of NLP. She holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Utah, a Master of Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Counseling, and Certificates as an NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Trainer. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer of the American Hypnotherapy Trainers!| Association

In 1980 she founded Western States Training Associates/NLP of Utah (now Anchor Point Institute and Anchor Point Products) together with Tim Hallbom to offer practical, skill-based training and consulting to individuals, businesses and government organizations, and, with this organization, she continues to conduct training sessions.

She also created many business trainings for the purpose of supporting the individuals and the teams to develop themselves. Including: Stress Management & Productivity Enhancement; Change Management; High Impact Communication; Management Skills; Time Management; Negotiation Skills; Conflicts Management; Presentation Skills; Training & Coaching Skills; Performance Appraisal; Psychosomatic Health; Leadership, Creativity and Team Building etc.

In recent years, Suzi works in collaboration with Robert Dilts and Tim Hallbom to develop NLP in the field of Health and Longevity; and to enhance the quality of life. Apart from traveling worldwide to conduct trainings; she also works as consultant to a number of Enterprises and Government organizations. She focuses a lot of her efforts in using NLP skills to enhance physical and emotional health; to enable people to see the many more choices they have in their personal and career developments. She is also very active in counseling and coaching.

In addition to the workshops and training for the promotion of NLP, Suzi has published some books, tapes and video together with her friends:


  • Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-Being
  • The New Technology of Achievement
  • How to Build Rapport
  • Creating a Compelling Future
  • Dealing with Allergies
  • Communicating with your Symptoms
  • Eliminating Allergies
  • Neurological Levels in the Mind-Body Connection
  • Conflict Integration


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